Apple’s App Store has highlighted NYSCI’s The Pack as an “App of the Day,” saying that Algos, The Pack’s fictional world, “encourages children to learn and master the use of algorithms.” The App Store’s feature goes on to say that “it’s also the perfect game for public places … as The Pack comes blissfully free of repetitive music or jingly-jangly sounds. Silence, like eco-friendliness and STEM, is a virtue in Algos.” Use your iPhone or iPad to view the full article online.

Also this month, the App Store included The Pack in a roundup of 10 apps for “Leisurely Learning for Summer Break.” And across the pond, The Pack was featured as one of the “5 New Apps We Love” for App Store customers in the UK and Ireland.

Created by NYSCI and Design I/OThe Pack is a game for all ages that is inspired by NYSCI’s groundbreaking Connected Worlds exhibition. If you haven’t played the game yet, download it to your iPhone or iPad from the App Store, or to your Windows or Mac OSX computer from