NYSCI’s Science Coach works offsite with partner schools that need assistance to rethink and revitalize their STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) programs. By providing someone with formal science credentials and solid experience in the informal “hands-on” science world to work with teachers at their home school, NYSCI is:

  • Facilitating the increased use of school science labs.
  • Fostering more hands-on and inquiry-based science teaching across the grades.
  • Increasing student participation in regional science and technology competitions.

The overarching goals for all schools are:

  • To foster positive attitudes toward science and new methods of science teaching.
  • To inspire interest in science studies or careers in science.
  • To expand science content knowledge among teachers.
  • To increase hands-on and student-centered learning in the classrooms/labs.
  • To increase lab use and science equipment/material use.
  • To organize, restructure, and plan science lab(s).
  • To prepare students for the NYS science examinations and improve exam scores. These tests are given in grades 4 and eight.
  • To improve science fair project quality and increase student accomplishments in regional competitions where applicable.
  • To foster a relationship between the NYSCI and the schools, via school trips, workshops, outreaches, etc.


The Work of a Science Coach

The Science Coach provides extensive professional development for teachers via individual coaching, onsite teacher workshops, guest speakers for science classes, frequent phone and email contact with teachers, and faculty meetings. One focus of Science Coach work is to ensure that each school has a well-equipped science lab or other functional space for STEM experiments and activities.

Teachers meet with the Science Coach throughout the year to increase their STEM content knowledge, become familiar with the new state STEM standards, develop new hands-on lessons to support their curricula and needs, as well as become more involved in creating a well-used and comfortable science lab environment in their school.


Lesson Modeling

Through lesson modeling, the Science Coach helps teachers increase their science content knowledge. Teachers observe exemplary teaching techniques and “hands-on” inquiry-based approaches, and they are expected to prepare and follow up on that lesson (pre- and post-lab) as well as master the demonstration lesson so they will be able to confidently use these hands-on methods with students.


Special Programs and Outreaches

Educators are expected to provide hands-on lessons, yet many of New York City’s classrooms are not equipped with the tools to teach these activities. The Science Coach brings NYSCI portable exhibits, science equipment, and activities to the participating schools so that students can have the opportunity to use equipment or see demonstrations, such as a cow’s eye dissection, otherwise unavailable to them.


State Test Preparation

Schools receive comprehensive 4th and 8th grade state science test preparation for the performance (lab) component. Observing the Science Coach as she performs lab procedures for specific grade levels, teachers have a model for how to set up the stations, facilitate the practice activities, and guide students to think critically while incorporating appropriate vocabulary and explanations.


Science Fair Advisor

In some schools, the Science Coach provides science-fair project guidance.
NYSCI Class Trips. The Science Coach provides trip-planning advice and museum-learning worksheets for teachers who schedule visits to NYSCI with their students. Trip itineraries and agendas are based on age appropriateness, content relevancy, and teacher requests.

For more information on this program or to customize your science coaching session, contact us.