Intro to Making: Maker 101

Learn the history and philosophy behind the Maker Movement, Maker Faire, and makerspaces. Participants will experience the 4D method (Deconstruct, Discover, Design/Make, Display), a successful strategy used to develop maker learning experiences that foster creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. NYSCI staff will model hands-on activities using everyday materials that encourage experimentation and display how a maker curriculum can integrate STEM content and link to curricular standards.


Making With Simple Materials

Making does not need to rely on expensive materials or equipment, it just needs to center around a mindset that encourages materials exploration. In this workshop, participants will focus on modeling maker activities that use simple materials to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Explore how various materials (cardboard, duct tape, scissors, etc.) can transform your classroom into a dynamic makerspace and align with cross-disciplinary subjects. Materials featured will be based on your resources and needs.


Intro to Hand Tools in the Classroom

Learning to use hand tools builds confidence and creative problem-solving skills as well as providing a platform for innovative thinking. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use basic hand tools such as pull saws, rasps, files, sandpaper and hot glue guns to create student-driven projects. We will explore possibilities of how these tools can enhance your classroom curriculum. Techniques for proper tool use, care and maintenance will also be discussed.


Maker Space Consultancy/Coaching

New to making? Already doing making and want more? We offer personalized consultation or coaching to schools or organizations seeking maker integration from vision building to full-scale implementation. Consultation or coaching can be customized for any region, locally or abroad.

  • Makerspace Start Up Consultation
  • Maker Showcase Planning and Implementation
  • Weekly or Monthly Maker Coaching
  • Corporate Creative Thinking Team Workshops

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