Grades: 1st – 8th Grade
Weekdays at 10 am

Curriculum Connections: Life Science, Physical Health, Diversity of Life, Science and Tech- nology, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives, History and Nature of Science.

Package Includes:

  • General Admission to NYSCI.
  • 3D Theater Presentation: Wild Ocean.
  • Private, Explainer-led, 20-minute interactive demonstration: Cow’s Eye Dissection.
  • Explainer-facilitated exhibition exploration featuring: Hidden Kingdoms: The World of Microbes.
  • 20-minute lunch reservation.

$15 per student, chaperones (1 for every 5 children) are $3 each. Additional adults are $9. Minimum 25 students. Allow two hours.

To reserve call: (718) 699-0301

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