Materials to help enrich your school group experience. 

Digital Education

NYSCI has created digital, educational resources in formats designed to engage and captivate modern classrooms.

The Pack
The Pack – A STEM-Based Video Game

The Pack is an open-world game set in a future world where healthy ecosystems have faltered, water and food are scarce, and it’s up to you and your Pack to help fix the environment. Learn computational thinking as you help restore the world to an ecologically balanced state in this puzzle and survival game!

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Transmissions: Gone Viral
Transmissions – A Digital Interactive Comic Book

Transmissions: Gone Viral is a digital interactive comic book that follows a group of kids who investigate a mysterious virus plaguing animals and humans.

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Google Science Journal Curriculum

Through the generous support from Making & Science, an initiative of Google, NYSCI has developed a series of four engineering activities that utilize simple materials and the free Google Science Journal app. These activities are primarily geared towards students grades 6th – 8th and can be done with a teacher in any classroom space or at home with family.

Make A Better Speaker

In this activity, you will explore methods for visualizing sound and then create a device to amplify the sounds generated from a cell phone or tablet by utilizing the Google Science Journal app.

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Shake, Rattle and Roll – An Earthquake Simulation

How would a one or two-story building behave in an earthquake? How do the building’s materials used affect the stability of the structure? How does the way those materials are joined or connected influence the behavior of a falling structure?

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0 – 60 mph: An Exploration of Acceleration

In this activity, you will explore the built-in accelerometers in a cell phone to sense changes in speed by utilizing Google's Science Journal app.

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Where the Sunlight Goes: An Exploration of Tree Leaves

Teach STEM curriculum in, and out of the classroom

Inspiring Young Innovators Through Literacy-Based Engineering

Through the generous support of 100k in 10 Foundation and Richmond County Savings Foundation, NYSCI has developed a collection of 10 literacy-based engineering activities for grades PreK – 2. The activities use NYSCI’s Design, Make, Play approach to learning which helps young learners understand science, technology, engineering and math concepts.

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Museum Makers

This guide uses the exhibit floor as a place of study were children and their families can work together to collect a variety of data on NYSCI’s exhibits, and then analyze their collected data in order to answer the overarching question: “What is missing from NYSCI’s exhibit floor?”

After identifying the problem, children can design a solution that is relevant to them, using materials and tools to make their exhibit and promote data literacy.

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After School Resources

A collaboration of seven institutions who are leaders in creating design-based learning activities for after-school programs, Learn X Design offers projects and activities that focus on design and engineering skills to be used in informal learning environments.

Explore the site to find fun projects for all ages:

Digital Design for English Language Learners

An out-of-school program designed to address the mathematics and literacy needs of English language learners. The activities center on the use of NYSCI’s Noticing Tools™, featuring supplemental activities, teaching strategies and case studies that formal and informal educators can use to deepen ELLs “mathematics talk” and language literacy.

Made possible by the generous support of the Verizon Foundation.

Climate Change Curriculum

With support from Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, NYSCI created My Carbon Footprint, an educational initiative designed to build awareness about climate change science.

My Carbon Footprint includes a middle school and high school curriculum. The curriculums are designed to help educators integrate global climate change into their lesson planning with hands-on activities that engage students, all while aligning with science standards. Taken as a whole, My Carbon Footprint gives students the foundation they need to understand climate change and its related issues.

Explore and download the free curriculum here:

Middle School Curriculum High School Curriculum

Network Literacy

This brochure provides an initial step toward facilitating the development of network literacy, by stating basic ideas for the study of networks in plain language, presenting seven essential concepts and more detailed core ideas that are described in a concise manner. It can be used by everyone for teaching and learning.

This work was developed iteratively and collaboratively by NYSCI, along with partners at Binghamton University, The Network Science Center at West Point, and the University of Oxford.


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