In this hands-on demonstration, Chavanie Joseph, Program Explainer, shows science communicator Jayde Lovell how Piezo Poppers work!

In this video, Chavanie builds and launches a custom-modified alcohol-powered film canister, called a piezo popper.

More about Piezo poppers:
Applying their skills in experimental design – it is possible to modify their launcher, canister, and fuel to maximize the launch distance of their canister. This video also explains how the rocket works through Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Host: Jayde Lovell
Explainer: Chavanie
Camera: San San
Director: Kevin Cunningham
Editor: Dante

Produced by Explainer TV, the science communication youth training program.
Saif is an Explainer at NYSCI, in the Science Career Ladder (SCL) program. Apply here.