Picture Dots is an iOS app designed to assist young children and their grown-ups engage in conversations about what they notice in the world. The app invites families to take a photo of something they see in their daily life. Children can then drag red, green, blue and yellow dots onto the photo and assign each dot a sound, a word or a phrase. When they press play, they can hear the story they created.

Picture Dots is part of the Noticing Tools™ app suite that promotes STEM learning for children. Picture Dots uses NYSCI’s Design, Make, Play approach, which puts children at the center of learning, engaging children as creators of content. Design, Make, Play emphasizes open-ended exploration, imaginative learning and personal relevance, resulting in deep engagement and delight in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Picture Dots are accompanied by storybook guides for children and parents and will be ready to download in Summer 2017.