Martin Weiss

Senior Scientist

718-699-0005 ext. 356

Joining the Biology Department at NYSCI in 1989, Dr. Weiss has been responsible for developing many biology and chemistry-based exhibitions and programs.

Currently, Dr. Weiss is developing Life Changes, a research and professional development project that will produce a traveling exhibition. The goal of the project is to help children ages 4 – 10 explore biological concepts of evolution. Prior to Life Changes, he led the creation of NYSCI’s The Search for Life Beyond Earth, an exhibition that compares environments on Earth, Mars and Europa, and demonstrates some of the organisms that live in extreme environments on Earth.

In 1994, he developed Marvelous Molecules – The Secret of Life, a ground-breaking exhibition about the shared chemistry of living things. Dr. Weiss served as scientific advisor and project manager for a consortium of museums that produced the What About AIDS? national traveling exhibition and website. In 1993, he completed permanent and traveling versions of major microbiology exhibition Hidden Kingdoms – The World of Microbes.

Dr. Weiss’ interest is in communicating science to the general public through the use of content-rich exhibitions and programs and consulting with and advising science museums. In 2001, he received the New York City Mayor’s Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology.

Dr. Weiss has a Ph.D. in Cellular Biochemistry from New York University (Sackler Institute) and specialized in microorganism research. His Ph.D. research focused on the development of Plasmodium, a protozoan that causes malaria. At Rockefeller University, he studied cell physiology and molecular biology of the parasitic protozoan Trichomonas.