Teachers looking for Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) resources now have 17 new options to choose from. The Teacher TryScience website now features a growing set of resources that demonstrate how existing K-12 science lessons can be evaluated and revised to more closely align to the NGSS, using the Educators Evaluating Quality in Instructional Products (EQuIP) rubric. Using the EQuIP process, NYSCI educators have revised existing lessons, making them more rigorous, engaging, and ultimately more informative for teachers.

Through a partnership supported by IBM, NYSCI and Achieve, the nonprofit organization that helped develop NGSS, began collaborating on the lessons in 2014. The free lessons, designed for students in late elementary through high school, cover topics as varied as air pollution, solar design, food packaging, wind power and biodiversity. Along with the lessons, EQuIP Rubrics, outlines and other materials are also available. Lessons are also aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics (CCSM) and the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts (ELA).

The lessons and supporting materials can be downloaded for free at teacherstryscience.com/ngsslanding.