Museum interactive game exhibit and research project Overview

A project in collaboration with Matthew Berland of UW Madison, Leilah Lyons of New York Hall of Science and Learning Games Network (Madison developer).

Object of game is to attract different “fish” to the variety of light combinations that you can create when learning how to build a simple circuit.

Learn about electrical engineering by creating simple circuits using 4 components.

  •  LEDs (Red, Green & Blue)
  •  Batteries (voltage)
  •  Resistors (ohms)
  •  Capacitor (light blink)

Learn reasoning by attracting marine animals to lights turned on by creating a simple circuit.

Players interact with a 55 inch multi-touch tabletop screen. The electrical components are physical “blocks” that the player places on the table which become the virtual electrical components in the table screen. Players assemble these “blocks”/virtual components in a proper circuit to make the virtual LEDs work which results in a “fish” swimming up to the light.

Age Group:

Middle school kids and up.

Learning Goals:

Understanding of simple circuitry.

Understanding of electrical symbology and diagrams

Reasoning – around what light combinations will lure what kind of aquatic animal.

Use a combinations of components to light one or many different color LEDs.

Up to 4 Players on a multi-touch screen tabletop, connect the electrical components in a circuit to light the LEDs. Single player activities with opportunities for cooperative play and social interaction while players are at the tabletop screen.

Background story:

A cavern with an underground lake was discovered in Central America. The lake is filled with exotic never before seen marine animals. Biologists are cataloging these new aquatic species and are filming them using a submersible camera in the lake. The biologists discovered that these marine animals are attracted to red, blue and green lights in a variety of combinations. From a remote location you will help lure the creatures to the camera (to be filmed) by creating a combination of colored lights on a tabletop screen. The screen is the view from the camera looking down into the lake. Electrical components are on the tabletop for you to create the colored lights and lure these exotic marine animals to the cameraexample of view from camera and tabletop screen.