In 2014, NYSCI’s founding director, and the person widely credited with establishing NYSCI as a world-class science center passed away. To honor his memory and carry on his legacy, NYSCI established the Alan J. Friedman Center for the Development of Young Scientists with leadership support from the Noyce Foundation. The Friedman Center encompasses and sustains the Science Career Ladder, but also facilitates strategic investments to develop new initiatives that expand our reach to youth across New York City, including opportunities like STEM Career Nights where STEM professionals are invited to the museum to share their work and career journeys with young people; and Explainer TV, which trains the next generation of science communicators by engaging them in the production of rich media content.

At the core of Alan’s vision for NYSCI was the commitment to provide opportunities for high school and college students to develop their interests in science by sharing the experience of discovery with others. For nearly 30 years, the brilliance of that vision has been proven through the many programs Alan created and inspired, most notably the Science Career Ladder. The Science Career Ladder has served over 3,000 youth since its inception, employing them as Explainers and providing them with mentoring, apprenticeships and networking opportunities to help them prepare for careers in STEM fields.

For 30 years NYSCI has inspired and guided young people to pursue STEM careers. Building on this success, the Friedman Center will continue to expand, allowing us
to support young people as they transform their passion for discovery into academic success and rewarding careers.

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