NYSCI Girl Power


Shaping girls & women into the next generation of STEM leaders

Through education and mentorship, NYSCI Girl Power helps girls build confidence and develop skills that will serve them in life.

NYSCI Girl Power affirms young women’s aspirations and provides tangible opportunities to support them along their education and career pathways.

What is NYSCI Girl Power?


Instructional approaches to learning that support girls’ persistence and passion for STEM.

Mentoring and Professional Guidance.

Access to role models and mentors to foster girls’ belief in their ability to succeed in STEM pursuits.

Career and Academic Support

Opportunities to learn about STEM pathways and how to connect the dots to realize fulfilling careers.

21st Century Skills

Participation in a pre-professional network of girls and young women, with guidance on critical thinking, problem-solving, cooperation, teamwork, and empowerment.

Featured articles & events

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Explainer TV: During the holidays, we talked to some girls at NYSCI to see what they were up to.
After finishing her degree in physics, Deren went on to become a fellow at NYSCI, where she has been developing the prototypes for her DIY electronic kits designed for young children.

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