On October 15, more than 900 students participated in a Google Field Trip Day at NYSCI. One of three Google Field Trip Days at the museum, the experience was offered free of charge to New York City Title 1 schools. The day included science demonstrations, entry to the 3D Theater or Science Playground, free lunch, and exploration of more than 450 exhibits, including NYSCI’s newest exhibition, Connected Worlds.

The Google Field Trip Day also included a variety of hands-on STEM activities. Students created paper helicopters and airplanes to test flight patterns, donned color filter visors to see how they affected perception, created a gooey green substance to explore polymers, and used circuit blocks, wires, batteries and buzzers to learn about electricity.

The third and final Google Field Trip Day will be held at NYSCI on October 20. Over the three days, the program will reach more than 2,200 elementary and middle school students throughout the five boroughs.

NYSCI is able to offer these special Google Field Trip Days thanks to a partnership with Google.