Traditional Demonstrations (15-20 Minutes)

Cow’s Eye Dissection

Explore how our eyes work by investigating the differences and similarities between human and cow’s eyes or by following the path of light in this exciting cow’s eye dissection.

Cool Chemistry

Learn how we can shrink balloons without removing the air inside and smash a solid object as if it was made of glass, in this demonstration about the phases of matter.

Air Play

We live in a sea of air, yet we rarely take the time to think of how it affects our lives. Find out how air pressure can crush a water bottle or keep a balloon inflated without tying a knot.


Is it always true that what goes up must come down? See what makes hot air balloons, blimps, airplanes and rockets defy the laws of gravity in this demonstration that ends with a bang.

Design Time

We are all designers, join our audience in repurposing household items to build an imaginative mechanism to meet a challenge while using NYSCI’s design process.

Additional Engagements (5-10 Minutes)

Air Cannon

Demonstrating the presence of air and its effects on the environment, our trash can of science shoots a vortex of wind capable of toppling freestanding cups or blowing down anything in its path.

Charged Up

Watch as powerful effects of static charge make objects defy gravity. It’s hair raising!