Décor Restrictions

Glitter and confetti are not permitted, as both are difficult to clean up from the museum floor and exhibits. Candles are prohibited on the museum floor or within museum hallways.


Moving Exhibits

We cannot move exhibits for events as many of our exhibits are either permanently placed or difficult to move.


Food Restrictions

Popcorn and frying are not permitted on the premises. The waitstaff is required for all events in which food is involved. All areas in which food is prepared and/or served must be returned to their original condition. NYSCI has final approval of all equipment brought on premises. Approval of said equipment must be given two weeks prior to the event.


Museum Availability

NYSCI is available for private event rentals during nonpublic hours. Evening events may begin no earlier than 6 pm.

Pre-event setup time is often available the night before an event, allowing for event rentals to be delivered the day before. However, if an event is held the evening before your event, rentals will need to be delivered the morning of your event. Check availability with NYSCI’s event staff.


Outside Vendors

NYSCI has approval over all vendors (including planners and caterers.) NYSCI has a list of recommended vendors that your event coordinator will discuss with you. You may choose to use a vendor or caterer, not on that list. A list of vendors (including caterer) with a contact person and telephone number/email address must be given to NYSCI’s special events director for approval. Before the event, all outside vendors are required to schedule a walkthrough with an events staff member to make arrangements regarding deliveries, power needs, floor plan, loading areas and pickup times. While we can accommodate most requests, we ask that you bring extension cords for power needs. We require cords and exposed cables to be safely taped and covered.



Much of the available electricity in the museum is used to power NYSCI’s exhibits. For this reason, we ask that you do not unplug anything without asking an NYSCI event coordinator first. All participating vendors must share the power in each space. If a vendor feels that they may overwhelm the existing power, they must provide their own generator.


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