Physics & Engineering


Learn about the laws of physics in our daily lives and how engineering helps us to understand them with the activities below.

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Activities for All Ages

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Video: Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Find out the 3 basic ingredients you need to make a world-famous Gingerbread House, and learn the 4 steps to make it happen in this Explainer TV video.

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DIY Video: Let's Make a Ball Run (English & Spanish)

Gather up some cardboard boxes and kitchen spoons to make a fun ball run (like a Rube Goldberg Machine) at home! Learn how, follow along in this bilingual DIY video narrated in both English and Spanish.

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Middle School

Activities for middle school ages and up.

Make A Better Speaker

In this activity, you will explore methods for visualizing sound and then create a device to amplify the sounds generated from a cell phone or tablet by utilizing the Google Science Journal app.

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Video: 50 Tools To Know By Age 12

Visit NYSCI’s Maker Space to learn more about the tools student’s should aim to learn by age 12. These include rasps and clamps, vice grips, wires and pliers, scissors, hammers and soldering irons.

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High School

Activities for high school ages and up.

Computer Science
Video: 10 Cool Arduino Projects

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. Check out these 10 cool projects you can make with an Arduino, including an interactive LED cube, a functional laser harp and a keyboard.

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0 – 60 mph: An Exploration of Acceleration

In this activity, you will explore the built-in accelerometers in a cell phone to sense changes in speed by utilizing Google's Science Journal app.

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