Earth Science & Biology


On this page, learn more about the earth around us and the human body with these interactive activities.

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Activities for All Ages

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DIY Video: Make Hand Sanitizer

To prevent the spread of germs, nothing can properly replace washing your hands with soap and water – but sometimes, you might not have access to a sink. Make sanitizer at home using simple ingredients.

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Video: Milk and Soap Germ Experiment

Create colorful swirls of color in milk, using soap and food dye, to learn how soap helps to remove germs from your hands when you wash them.

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Elementary School

Activities for elementary school ages and up.

Where the Sunlight Goes: An Exploration of Tree Leaves

Middle School

Activities for middle school ages and up.

Shake, Rattle and Roll – An Earthquake Simulation

How would a one or two-story building behave in an earthquake? How do the building’s materials used affect the stability of the structure? How does the way those materials are joined or connected influence the behavior of a falling structure?

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High School

Activities for high school ages and up.

Video: Why Every Human Eye has a Blind Spot

The human eye's automatic focusing system outstrips that of any camera. But did you also know it has a blind spot? In this science experiment, you’ll need a marker and index cards to understand the mysteries of the human eye.

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