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These free, fun, at-home resources encourage open-ended exploration, imaginative learning, personal relevance, deep engagement and delight for all age ranges.

Featured Resource: Flower Explorations

Spring is here and flowers are in full bloom! Learn more about the science of flowers in this video that recently aired on local PBS station Thirteen, and dissect them to make your own prints from the pigments.

Earth Science
Flower Explorations

Dissect flowers and learn how to make prints from the pigments with NYSCI's Early Childhood Science Education Manager, Delia Meza.

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Kitchen Science & Chemistry
Kitchen Science & Chemistry Resources

Use just a few simple household ingredients to create fun chemical reactions in your own kitchen with these tutorials and videos!

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Art & Design
Art & Design Resources

Try your hand at the design process with these art and design activities. From making your own paint to building a display, there are plenty of projects to explore!

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Games & Media
Games & Media

Whether you're looking for a virtual meeting background or an app to teach kids how to navigate a digital world of their creation, we have you covered with our interactive apps and media!

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Earth Science & Biology
Earth Science & Biology Resources

These activities will help you explore the earth around us and the humans that live on it.

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Physics & Engineering
Physics & Engineering Resources

Explore the laws of physics and how engineering uses its properties with these fun, free activities.

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Bilingual / Bilingües
English & Spanish Resources

This content is available in English and Spanish for our bilingual visitors.

Este contenido está disponible en inglés y español para nuestros visitantes bilingües.

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Science Learning Series

Science Learning Series

Check out these awesome guided video experiments, part of our new Science Learning Series! Two guides below accompany each video.

In the student guides, you’ll find a materials list and explanation of the experiments so you can recreate them at home using just household items. The teacher guides, which are useful for teachers and parents who are homeschooling, includes vocabulary words and thoughtful reflection questions you can ask your child after they’ve conducted the experiments in the video.

Download The Student Guide (Gravity)
Download The Teacher/Parent Guide (Gravity)
Download The Student Guide (Air)
Download The Teacher/Parent Guide (Air)
Download The Student Guide (H2whOa)
Download The Teacher/Parent Guide (H2whOa)
Download The Student Guide (Rockets)
Download The Teacher/Parent Guide (Rockets)
Download The Student Guide (Messy Matter)
Download The Teacher/Parent Guide (Messy Matter)

Video: Science Learning Series - Gravity

I was going to tell a joke about gravity, but it will have to weight until after you watch this video and do the simple, at-home experiments in it to better understand the invisible force that is gravity.

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Science Learning Series Video: Air Play

Air is always moving all around us - but when was the last time you thought about how it actually moves? Turns out it's pretty easy to understand, so raid the junk drawer for a ping pong ball and grab a hairdryer for this at-home science activity.

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Earth Science

What makes water unique? Learn about the properties of water in these three guided experiments.

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Rockin' Rockets

Explore the laws of motion with rocket science in your own home! This video will show you how to create simple rockets with household materials.

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Messy Matter

In this video, students will explore the properties of matter. The four experiments allow students to use their senses to make observations about the different states of matter.

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Autism Access Initiative

Autism Access Initiative and Family Programs

Many children are strong visual learners and visual thinkers, especially children with autism. Given this strength, NYSCI has created Visual Activity Guides, visual step-by-step instructions to help engage children in STEAM activities when verbal communication and instructions are difficult. Visual Activity Guides encourage the whole family to participate in playful hands-on activities while promoting a positive learning experience that is clear and engaging.

Learn all about our Autism Access Initiative on this page by clicking here.

Sensory Play
Sensory Play: Ice Explorations

Experiment with different ways to melt ice, how to build ice structures without glue, and more. Many children are strong sensory thinkers and learners. This guide is ideal for teaching science to any early childhood learner, including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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Visual Activity Guide
Paper Clay Visual DIY Guide

Visual activity guides are perfect for early learners. Make moldable clay in your kitchen with just some water and scrap paper. Squish, touch and mush the clay, and then decorate it using their imagination so it dries into a finished product they can show off.

Download The Guide

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Join the community of educators using Noticing Tools™ in their classrooms.


Using the handyman’s secret weapon, work alone or together to make a unique creation out of one simple material, duct tape. Teach how to work with limited resources and explore creativity.


Design Squad Maker is a program in partnership with WGBH Boston that introduces children and their caregivers to the engineering design process in museums, maker spaces, and at home.

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