Public Health in the Era of COVID-19: A NYSCI Webinar


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In these uncertain times, life seems upended and everything we are used to is in flux. But there is hope as scientists, doctors and public health officials keep us informed. We can use this information to best survive the crisis. NYSCI’s President’s Council hosted a webinar to address some of these issues. Our two panelists were Robbie Barbero, Chief Business Officer of Ceres Nanosciences who was also the Assistant Director of Biological Innovation in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Cherise Rohr-Allegrini, Ph.D., MPH, an epidemiologist who is currently the San Antonio Director for The Immunization Partnership. They participated in a very timely discussion and answered questions on policy and public health concerns in light of the current pandemic.

Watch the video below:

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About the President’s Council

This event is hosted by NYSCI’s President’s Council. Members of the President’s Council act as partners in NYSCI’s mission to engage the New York City community through groundbreaking exhibitions, stimulating programs and educational activities, helping advance STEM learning throughout the city and across the globe. Their support helps transform the museum into a learning laboratory and provides unmatched resources for aspiring young scientists, teachers and students.

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